The Black Leg: A POEM


Through the sun flakes
The moonlight shining
Even under the rainfall
We were always happy
It was like a gift
A melody playing
Tranquil and peaceful
We were two sweethearts

Until that day came
He walked into our lives
Brought visions of confusion
Ignited the embers of hate
Scattered our mind

He was my best friend
The one I knew from childhood
The one I trusted with my life
He was gorgeous, every woman’s dream
Kind like an Aussie
He looked every bit foreign
White like the moon
His face was sheer beauty
He loved me, I treasured him as a brother

But it all ended that night
I came back with rage fanning my guts
What was mine was in his arms
Sweating with loud moans
Twisting and dancing
To the music of rampant thrust
Eating of my woman’s creamy parts

Like a ghost, I was speechless
My mind flipped
My heart raced
I staggered in shock
Betrayal laughing at my face
Pain filled my eyes
It was like a bad dream
I begged death to take me

As I walked down the road of no return
My body shattered and bloody
Filled with hatred and anger
My mind made an orphan
My loyalty and trust misplaced
My world crashed
I can only remember
How I walked into the speeding car
With one thought
To end my life.

A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, Writer, Novelist and Thespian.

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My Adamma: A POEM


My Adamma: A POEM

My Adamma

With big swinging hips

Succulent looking body

Adorable twinkling eyes

Lips coated with sugar and honey

A face carved in heaven

You are the perfect gift


My Adamma

The heart of warriors beat faster

At the mere sight of you

The envy of the village girls

The one who is called beauty

Even kings sing your praises

Champions kill each other for your attention

Poets mouth your praises

But like the Danube

You have remained my longest thought


My Adamma

I am but a mere boy

Out of a cluster of men

Why make me your target?

My house sits at the furthest bushy part

In the region of no hope

I dance in the corridors of poverty

Licking star apple as food

I have no enclave decorated with gold

My house is made of mud and thatch roof

But I ᵃm blessed with the purest of hearts

My soul houses care and goodwill

My life speaks of humility

My world is nothing but simple


My Adamma

You make me shy

Your words give me hope

I ᵃm of the lowliest of men

Boasting of nothing but my handsomeness

You made me mighty

You are a Princess

Born of royalty

Commander of a great empire

Petted and washed with the purest of waters

Fed the most sumptuous of dishes

Honored, respected and worshiped

But I grace the opposite of these

With nothing to show


My Adamma

What will people say?

What will my fate be?

Now I sit in remembrance chair

A royal I have become

The king and commander of your heart

The owner of a great empire

Because you gave me life

A tear will drop not from your eyes

My life I give for your happiness

Your words my ears must command

Your kind heart I will flood with praises

Your whispers shall awake my thought

Because you are a goddess

The one who resurrected me

My beautiful ‘onyinye’

My Adamma.

*onyinye = gift

Udara = cherry apple

Disclaimer: Picture(s) used is not personally linked however possible to the author or owner of this piece.


A piece of creative writing bƔ

Alexander Thandi Ubani

A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.


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Words of death: A POEM


And they sat down
Under the canopy
To mourn or celebrate?
Our loss their gain
With peering eyes
Jagged hearts and sagging breast
Dirty wrappers, the villagers
But I look on with dismay
The corpse is on the table
Prayer offered
The sun blazing
Words of remembrance
She lay lifeless
Her visitors many
Their faces unknown
The end of another life
She was one of us
Her eyes shut for eternity
Ears closed forever
Even hands I have kissed
Skin now stronger than a bone
What once sparkled with ‘suppleness’
Mouth that once sang and kissed
Shut forever by a foe
Death is my enemy
But humans are worse
They squirt and shout at burial places
Cries drowned with the oil of pretence
Dragging food at burial places
‘Ndi akpiri ogologo’
A burial or celebration?
My heart is weak
For our lives, too short
The’ play thing’ of the gods
We come to go!
*ndi akpiri ogologo – Food scavengers at events. Ndi iberibe)
A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.

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I waited for it to stop

It was heavy

Thunder claps

Lightning beeps

Strong breeze

Splash and splatter

So it started

Darkness kept calling

I clutched it hard

The polythene bag

Rice was in it, pepper, tomato tin & maggi

Then the showers was over but darkness came

With speed I ran, soaked

‘Why didn’t you wait for the rain to stop’

I heard mama shouting in my head

I ran with speed

Heart pounding

Screaming in fear

Tears like water

It barked, racing with speed

Charging to eat me


Then my leg stuck, inside the mud

Pull I pulled, my heart pounding

Eyeing my own fear

Pull, pull, pull

Fierce and merciless

The beast charged on towards me

Shock ate me

Fear castrated me

I screamed, shouted, begged


‘Somebody help me’ I cried

Help came not

So with eyes closed

Last prayer offered

I gave my life to the beast

But look it came

Sniffed, licked 

Shaking its tail

Then I realized it was our own 

Our very own dog

Truly, the rain rained on me.





A piece of creative writing bƔ 

Alexander Thandi Ubani

A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.


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Like a long stretching road
I waited endlessly
For the manager of my heart
She came and charmed my soul
I ‘called’ her beauty
She was like the rose, ‘scently’
She was far prettier than a goddess
Pure was her heart
Oozing with pleasantries

Like the breeze of a fan
Her goodness dashed smile to all
Eyes made of light
Its brightness better than the moon
She washed me with praises
Made me a man
Honor she rubbed all over my body
Like a king
I commanded her heart
From the gutters, she picked me up
Washed me with klin
Made me her man
I looked at her eyes with passion
I worshiped her
Like the evening cool breeze
Her touch was healing to my soul

The day she left
My heart died
I lost my vision

They came in threes
Took her by force
Ate her womanhood
Her shouts were muted
As they banged her with hate
With lust as fuel

I came and saw
My jaws dropped
Words dodged from my mouth
Eyes peppered and red
My body drowned in the river of blood
With helplessness as my only help
shame raped me
As I write with blood as ink
I pray for life
Cos my revenge will make the gods cry.

A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.